Sunday, June 15, 2014


Seems liquid (injection) methotrexate makes a big difference for me. The crash is harder and I'm not sure what my stomach has been upset about but I am down to 5mg of prednisone a day and certainly a record since the fall in January. Hope it keeps going.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lots of changes

Since my last blog I've had another doctors appointment and more flares and still cannot ween off of these damn steroids. My doctor is kicking it up a notch and I am in total agreement. I was going to demand it but he beat me to it. A friend who also has rheumatoid disease suggested taking the methotrexate through injection. I asked my doctor and he said it is more effective. I have to say that I think it is definitely more effective. I went to sleep the night of the first injection with major shoulder pain, I woke up pain free! That's an awesome thing with rheumatoid. I did my first injection in the office. I just had my first at home yesterday and I was a bit freaked out but I'm over it now. It doesn't hurt one bit, its just weird to think I have to inject myself. To also help me get off of these steroids I am switching to Humira. I've heard so many bad things about Humira it is crazy. Thankfully a prescription company stepped in and is helping with my co-pay which is going to be only $5 for 6 months....then it goes up to $30. Still not too awfully bad. Despite all of the bad things I've heard about the shot being painful and the injection also....painful, I have read that people really do achieve remission in two years with a combination of these two....THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! So I have to kick up eating healthy and make sure I take the vitamins I am supposed to and also make sure I am cleaning my body out. Remission sounds wonderful to me. Just have to complete my TB test so I can get it all started. Insurance company has already approved.