Thursday, March 19, 2015

Humira and the Heart

I recently had a little scare with my heart. Turned out to be nothing. My doctor is quite thorough so he ordered a echocardiogram. My tech was a teacher at Jefferson University in Philly and taught me quite a bit. It's actually pretty cool seeing your body in motion. One thing he mentioned I wanted to share.
Because I am so active despite the RA my heart was fine. Great in fact, so are my lungs. He said there was one medication that really seemed to effect people's heart when they were not active. After looking at his teaching notes he said it was Humira. So even if you need to swim, go do it. Keep moving when on this drug. When my hands hurt too much to play tennis I will ride a bike. Anything to keep moving. I know how hard it is with RA to move sometimes. That's why I suggest swimming. I rehabbed my back in the water after a car accident. It really helps.

Friday, March 6, 2015

It Won't Last

I think I've said that a lot over the last week. If you are new to my blog you should know I live a very public life. I'm a musician, and more importantly a Worship Leader. I have a public facebook page (Jacqui Zollner and God Project, God Project was my band) and once in awhile I will speak of my RA.

When I was diagnosed with RA it was out on blast on my personal page. Needless to say when I was told to stop methotrexate I put it out on blast too. I've had a week of congratulations and it's been great but today I stopped and wondered why I am always replying, "It's awesome but it won't last. We will battle again."

I totally and completely believe this disease evolves. I've had many down periods of low disease activity that was followed by frequent activity with the disease. I've learned bodily trauma (which lets face it is not usually planned) triggers a RA response. Things like slipping and falling and landing on your back, did that, or a car accident.

I played my first match chemo free. Somehow I hurt my foot. Seriously? Out of the blue my good foot started to hurt. Being a tennis player I took some Advil and kept playing. I took today off because it's not feeling normal. Ra related. I'm not sure. I'm trying to figure it out. Reality is I keep searching for signs of the disease. I guess I know it won't last. I am thankful that there was no rheumatoid response to the injury and it is healed and I'm good to go again.

So my challenge to myself is this? STOP IT. Am I going to be so consumed with fear (fear and I battle every hour) that I forget to enjoy this period? Let it go (I know you all heard the song). I have to remember what I originally thought "it's gone for now, it will be back, and when it does we will battle again." So I'm staying the course of, gluten free diet, eating as clean as possible, reducing sugar, drinking 2 cups a day of tart cherry juice, and my supplement regiment. Increase my pineapple and produce intake in general.

And most of all enjoy the moment.