Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Can Do All Things, Tomorrow is a Big Day!!

Anyone who has ever been sick knows one of the worst parts is not being able to do what you want to do. Not being able to be at the office, or spend time with your family, those types of things. Living with a disease is no different. Today I am writing one blog post for both pages today. One for Rheumatoidblogger and the other for my Worship Leaders Blog. Though they are always entwined together just as my life is (I am a Christian Rheumatic after all), this post has to be.

Back in the first weekend of May I started a new journey. Months before that I was blessed to be able to start to train for competitive tennis. I was so nervous that first match but remember that God had bought me that far and to just trust. Not worry, just trust. Remember Philippians 4:13. Oddly enough I repeated that verse at idiom over 20 years ago when I played in my very first service.

Tomorrow I will be repeating that verse to myself as I step out to play in my very first USTA Districts (state) match. Both of my USTA tennis teams finished first in our division. The first round of districts is tomorrow and Saturday. Sunday is the championship match which I hope our team will be playing in.

For anyone who just started following my Worship Leader blog let me fill you in on this unexpected journey I've had. It all started with foot problems. More than likely coming from years of pointe. I broke it, pulled ligaments, bursitis, and some I can't even remember. I've had shots on the side, in the heal, through the bottom. I've been in a boot, out of the book and back in the boot. I named it Jose since we became such good friends. AHHHH. It still makes me cringe. Then the knees started. I tore the left meniscus and had surgery. I tore the right and played through it. Then when I thought all was really going well, I started to lose my hands. Horrible for tennis and ministry. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Disease, the autoimmune one not that one treatable with BenGay. I responded to medicine quickly and was on my way when I slipped and fell on a wet floor and landed on my back. That taught me that falls and rheumatism do not mix well. My rheumatism was out of control. Finally in this year I was pain free enough to finally train to play tennis. That brings you up to today. It's also very sad that has been my longest paragraph, but, it is what it is and this is what it is.

I'm so nervous. I'm so excited. I'm so grateful that God has gotten me here because my health clearly could have went the other way. I'm so thankful to everyone who has led me and prayed for me to feel better. This list is long and I do not want to forget anyone churches individuals. But what a story I have to share on what the Lord has accomplished. I'm so very humbled to be able to say I am well enough to do this. I'm still in the rheumatoid groups, reading story after story of people giving up and having complications. Of people feeling hopeless because they can't get a pain free night. Of people dealing with other diseases on top of the rheumatism which is horrible my itself. I could be them and they could be me. I recognize my fellow celiacs who helped me turn my lifestyle around and realize I am a celiac and that probably led to the RD. For someone mentioning to try Juice Plus (which didn't work for me but please try it for yourself). Every "Nutriblast believer" and natural medicine fanatic who really were influential sending me lists of natural remedies. I don't know where I read about Tart Cherry Juice, can't thank you enough because I swear by it. I am indebted to my Savior who through all things I can do anything." Especially if it's in his will. For being with me through the horrible times when I couldn't get out of bed for a day, or sleep for may nights in a row because the pain is always worse at night. God is good all the time.

New song for tomorrow. I usually listen to Selena's Slow Down, B.E.A.T., and Like A Champion before every match. I'm sure I will tomorrow, but my rally song will a song by Matthew West,

STRONG ENOUGH. Because YOU are strong enough.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Little Nervous

Today is my first time having to play a USTA match with a few rheumatoid symptoms. One is the tiredness, been having a hard time shaking it. The other is just the normal aches. My thumb joint started yesterday. I took a prednisone over night hoping it would end the problem but I am waking up with the same thing. I had debated about taking my Hunira shot a day earlier and I think I should have. I will have to wait until tomorrow now as it makes me sleepy. Match time is in one hour. Not just this one, but another later tonight as well that will prove to be a tough one. We played and won by a thread a few weeks ago. No doubt they will be looking to even the score tonight.
Here's where my faith comes into play however. I know overall it is the Lord who has healed me to do what I do and it is Him that I must trust to get through this day.