Sunday, April 3, 2016

If Only This Disease Was Simple

I just managed to span my Humira shot to 9 weeks. I actually felt great even when I took the injection but I guess I felt it was a week over my Doctor appointed time. Oddly enough a week later I'm having some interesting symptoms. If only this disease was simple.

The weather here is crazy. A air condition warm of 80 to a heater cold of 30 has become the norm around here. Normally I don't react to weather but we are talking extremes here. Lots of rain too as we move into spring. Not a usual factor for me, but again it's extremes. I've done some serious debating with myself on whether to wait it out or take some prednisone.

A week later I seem to have a not simple day. I can't decide whether to call this pain or discomfort but I've managed to stay clear of the pain medicine and the prednisone. Pains in the small joints, one foot and one hand. The belt feeling never came. That's what I call the feeling of losing my circulation before the major flare. I'm holding fast.

I was sure to document all of this so I can remember what happened and when and see if there is any pattern to it next time I inject. Since this disease isn't simple I find it necessary to journal.

I wish this disease was simple enough that what works for me works for you. But we are all so different. "Journaling" can really help you figure out your disease.

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