Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Dreaded Tiredness

It is well known that a Vitamin D deficiency is common with a Rheumatoid Disease diagnosis. I am sure that is true with anyone dealing with this disease. I think sometimes it is the most annoying side effect that I have at times. I am a active person, my daughter is a competitive dancer and tennis player. I also play USTA tennis and play on two teams.

The last month has been exceptionally rainy. I've noticed that I can't stay awake. It is a coffee filled struggle. Especially trying to get energy for practice or worse yet a match. This week we finally have sun, know what I notice? I'm not as tired. I don't need that afternoon nap. I'm getting sun.

I also take a B supplement. I can tell when I am not taking that. That also goes for not getting enough sleep and not eating right. Food is our energy source, we have to choose wisely.

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