Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Can My Gut Be Causing My Rheumatoid?

This leaky gut theory keeps popping up. Today a friend posted an article from and it too was questioning the relationship between Leaky Gut Syndrome and a Autoimmune Response. The following article I think has the best description of what Leaky Gut really is.

I repeat it over and over on my blog the importance I think of going gluten free and eating more natural and healthy. I incorporate tart cherry juice, tumeric, boswellia, maca for energy, and try to limit sugar (I know that isn't always easy and thankfully being celiac helps with the sweets). I've recently gone much more organic too. Omega 3 goes into my Nutriblast every morning. That was specifically named in this article but I plan on researching and finding out more.

It's worth a shot right?

Here's another link I liked. I'm going to try some and keep researching. I am a gluten free vegetarian so it's already a complicated diet.

Monday, June 27, 2016

As the Humira Weeks Go By and Remember Your Muscles Too!

When I first started taking Humira it was in addition to Methotrexate. I had done plenty of research to know the combination can kick this RA into remission. I figured I would give it a try. I remember in the first weeks my pharmacy thought they could get medication to me so I would stretch the shot a few days longer. No way. It was the first I felt normal and within a week or so I would start getting pains and I knew I needed it, and I certainly did.

After a year I was taken off methotrexate. I had been continually weening down so the plan was successful. I was also moved to every three weeks between shots. Then every month. Then every 6 weeks, now I inject every 8-9 weeks. But one thing has always been consistent every when ween, every step down. I wanted to share it with you.

In the beginning when dosing 2 weeks I had pains about a week and a half in and then I would panic. It was early, at the slightest indication I was about to flare I was ready to go.

At a month it was 3 weeks. Same thing. Not so much panic but I could handle the flare with a quick short burst of Prednisone.

At 6 weeks it was about four or five weeks. I would take the shot and resume feeling normal every time.

At 8-9 weeks it's about five weeks into. Where I am now when I pulled my hamstring during a tennis match. First time ever. I knew that even though this was a muscle it was RA related because I felt achy and in pain, especially in my shoulder and that all went away when I pulled the hammie. I used a quick prednisone treatment to stop the flare.

Now and like everytime before if I get through this little phase I can put off that shot for a few more weeks. At least a couple weeks.

And don't forget that this disease can attack your muscles too.