Thursday, July 7, 2016

Arnicare. Seriously Arnicare.

I wish rheumatism only affected joints but sadly it does not. When I pulled my hamstring in a tennis match a friend told me to try Arnicare. I'm a believer in Icy Hot and Bengay. I opted for prednisone at the time knowing that would heal it quicker (I did some research about the NHL and hamstring injuries and I truly felt it was RA related). I finally picked up a tube and here is my personal finding.

IT'S AWESOME!! Made from the Arnica plant. You can take it orally but I would really am liking the gel. I've had this horrible shoulder pain that just keeps nagging me. I think I need to invest in a expensive pillow. Always happens starts when I'm sleeping. I've reduced pillows, I've added pillows, I've gone no pillow. Nothing has helped. Except for Arnicare! My daughter tried it and thought the same thing. It works. I gave it to my cousin at Great Adventure and she thought it helped. (Those of us from NJ cannot call it Six Flags).

I went in completely skeptical but I am now a believer. So much I won't leave the house without it.

I've used it on, my shoulder with this nagging pain, my forearm when it was sore from a tennis ball machine, my knee when I went on a tomato streak, my hamstring when it nags, and my quads when sore from tennis. It's been awesome. Not sure if everyone will respond to it but I certainly did. For $8 it's worth a shot right? I haven't been able to try it while in a full flare, but, for maintaining in remission it's really helping.


P.S. It's also available as a pill.